Member League Matches

Welcome members, to the most uniquely formatted stroke play two-ball match.  Here at Rock Harbor, in order to assist our members’ interaction with one another, we have come up with five (5) leagues for you to participate.  The caveat here, is that you are allowed to participant in no more than two (2) leagues during the season.  The Member League Season begins April 1st through October 31st.  The basic format for all five leagues is two person aggregate scoring whereby the lower side wins the hole and then played in accordance with Nassau format (Front nine, Back nine & Overall)  There are a few stipulations pertinent to each league so carefully read the rules under each league.

General League Rules for 2018

GEEZER-WARS: White Tee/Orange Tee Competition. At least one of the team members is of the age of 64 or older. Persons under the age of 64 must play from the White Tee-no exceptions & regardless of gender- while the older player tees off from the Orange Tee

TITAN:  (see RULES-Clash-of-the-Titans)  Black/White Tee Competition.  One player plays the Black Tee while partner plays the White Tee. Special provision for low handicap players: If white tee player’s handicap falls below 8, player then is relegated to the Blue Tee, if same player’s handicap falls below 6, both team members are playing from the Black Tee. 

POWDER-PUFF:  (see RULES-Powder-Puff-League) Yellow/Green Tee Competition.  Mixed Teams. The male player plays from the Yellow Tee and the female partner plays from the Green Tee.

BLUE-THUNDER:  (see RULES-Blue-Thunder-League) Blue/White Tee Competition.  One player plays from the White and his partner plays from the Blue Tees.

Jurassic: Orange/Yellow Tee Competition. One member of a team plays from the Yellow Tee who is at least 75 years of age and whose partner is at least 65 years in age shall play from the Orange Tee.

Please note members, you may invite a player who is not a member of Rock Harbor and if not, why not?!  The rules simply states that at least one member of the team must be member of Rock Harbor.

Contact the Pro Shop for more details on how to sign-up for these leagues. 540-722-7111