Rock Course

The older sibling of the two courses. Six sets of tees at each hole and nine pin placements on each green provides for a multitude of possible shot making throughout your round.

Rock Course Virtual Tour

Rock Score Card

Hole 1

Par 4

This hole can set the tone for a good day. Not being a long hole, the tee shot straight ahead gives way to a short iron to a big receptive green. Avoid the tree on the left side near the green.

Hole 2

Par 3

Par 3, straight away with bunkers long left and right. Take notice of pin placement, this might call for one more club to get to the back of this green.

Hole 3

Par 4

Short dog leg right takes a well-placed tee shot to the center or even left center of the fairway to avoid the tree cluster on the right. Next shot is up hill to a well guarded green. Bunkers are in the front and the back. Remember the shot to the green might call for one more club.

Hole 4

Par 4

Pull the driver out and let it go. Hitting the tee shot to the large landing area sets up the next shot to an elevated green with two tiers. This shot will most likely call for one or two clubs more to clear the bunker that guards the front and also to get to the second tier on the green. Avoid the deep left side bunker if possible.

Hole 5

Par 5

Start this hole with an elevated tee shot over water. Take on as much as you choose to get to the short grass. Staying left of the sycamore tree is the recommendation. The second shot is a lay up but stay left of center to be able to approach this large green from the best angle. Water and bunkers guard this green well.

Hole 6

Par 4

This hole is short but placement of the tee shot is more important than distance. Being in the flat part of this fairway gives look to the up hill green. If the pin is in the middle or back left go ahead and attack the pin but avoid the pin on the back right. This could result in a few extra strokes.

Hole 7

Par 3

This is a beautiful island green hole. Check yardage and club selection and then place your tee shot accordingly.

Hole 8

Par 5

A par 5 which is reachable for the long ball hitters. With the left side being out of bounds to favor the right center or even further to the right to put the ball in play. Lay up hitters go for the top flat where you have a good look at the green and the big hitter, just go for it. Be aware of the fairway bunker well short of the green. This green is well guarded by bunkers on the left and right. This hole will offer some birdies and bogies.

Hole 9

Par 4

A good drive to the right-center is the shot to have. This gives you a good look at the green from the fairway. Playing to the middle of this green will give you a good putt to any pin placement. Be aware of bunkers short left and back.

Hole 10

Par 4

Split fairway allows different strategies from the tee. Left side approach gives you a great easy access to the green and right side approach gives more of a challenge due to the up hill carry. The best strategy is to play a tee shot to the right side and that’s still gets a short iron into the green. There’s a front and side bunker that can come into play. Check the yardage and pin placement, this green is a good size.

Hole 11

Par 4

Tee shot can be played two ways, however, the tee shot wants to be in the middle. A long drive puts you in the neck which then leaves a mid to short iron into the green. Lay up shot of the neck, will leave you a longer iron shot into the green. The left side of the fairway is water and the right side is trouble. The green is protected by mounding and bunkers which makes the approach even more difficult. Slight uphill approach might call for one more club.

Hole 12

Par 5

This hole has it all. Water, waste bunkers, and an undulating green. The hole begins with a straight away tee shot over water. The second shot should be placed over on the right side past the waste bunker if possible giving your self a good look at this sloping green. Next shot should be placed below the hole if possible. Don’t be over this green because there is no forgiveness. Take a two-putt and leave a happy golfer.

Hole 13

Longest Par 3

This par 3 can play a short 90 yards or a long 200 yards just from moving the pin from the front of this green to the back. Observe the pin placement to get the yardage correct. Water protects the left side most of the way up this long green. Sand bunkers are placed along the right side also. Pick your club wisely.

Hole 14

Par 4

Be aware that a tee shot down the center puts you in the middle of a waste bunker. Alternate routes are the left and right sides, both are fairway and are ideal ways to approach the green. Whatever choice you make will leave a mid iron into this tricky sloping green. Bunkers protect front and the sides, so give yourself enough club to land in the middle of this green.

Hole 15

Par 5

Depending which tee you play from, a good tee shot down the middle is a good start. Now you must ask yourself a question. Do I risk the boulder field (left side) which is the shortest distance to the green and possibly get there in two or play the safe shot down the right side and have a short wedge into a very receptive green from this angle. You must know your game well but there are low scores to be had and also large numbers to be taken. If you have a good tee shot and good long game try the left side. If you have a poor tee shot you must take your medicine and go down the right side and then depend on your short game for scoring purposes. Good luck!

Hole 16

Par 4

This hole is a great risk and reward hole. Risk. Driving this green is possible. False fronts, bunkers guard this green. Short or long is considered to be trouble when going for this green off the tee. The safe route is down the right side giving your self a short iron shot into this sloping green. Pay attention to the pin placement. You can putt yourself off this green real quick. This is great hole to gamble to get some of those shots back if you dare.

Hole 17

Par 3

This hole has some spectacular views but focus on the shot at hand. Club selection will be very tricky. Wind and elevation change plays a big part into this shot. The club selection can as much as two club difference from what you might hit normally from the tee at this distance. Check the wind and remember, less club because of the height. Go for the middle of this big heart. This heart green is surrounded by bunkers and also be aware that long is water.

Hole 18

Par 4

This hole must be played with respect. The drive must be down the middle to have a good look at this green. The right side fairway bunker and out of bounds right tend to keep players from cutting the corner. The corner can be carried but very risky. This next approach is long but can be played with a run on shot or just try to carry the green going over a front side bunker. Don’t be long or you are over the green and down a major embankment. Big numbers have been taken here before.

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