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On the day following the celebrated Cinco de Mayo, Winchester’s Youth
Development Center put on their annual benefit golf tournament here.  This
year, the tournament was held on the Boulder Course.  Now what makes this
year’s tournament slightly variant on the previous years’ is that mother
nature intervened and placed before us a decision to go or no go.  In
pre-tournament discussions, the forecast was gloomy but the course would be
ready and available to play.  Of course, due to the previous evenings rain,
the  cart path only rule would be in effect.  The fairways were going to be
soggy, putting may be a bit slow, clouds sprinkling liquid sunshine on us.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a golf tournament was held and a few brave,
hearty and dedicated souls fought on for such a worthy cause in support of
the youths (Yutes?) of Winchester.  Thank you to all who participated and
dredged on.  Thank you to all of the sponsors and supporters of the YDC, its
volunteers and staff.